Covid-19: 10 things to do under Coronavirus lockdown

The novel coronavirus, which originated from Wuhan China, has now claimed more than 21,000 lives globally. Today, India entered its 3rd day of lockdown. The lockdown was announced by Prime Minister Modi on Tuesday in order to stem the spread of Covid-19 in India.

This lockdown has fundamentally changed our lives in more ways than we can’t imagine. A big question that we ask “what we do sitting at home 24X7 in this lockdown”. Don’t be get bored, fair question but we know that every adversity had plenty of opportunities. So here are 10 things that I hope to do during this social curfew, some of which you may want to try own:

1. Reconnect with family/friends and senior citizens.

We keep talking about family bonding but do we really do enough, we keep talking about our school or college friends but we really connect with them outside WhatsApp or Facebook, we talk about interacting with our parents but how often we do that. Actually, we don’t so make this happen in real, talk with them and replenish your old memories and also make new ones.

2. Support at least one daily wage earner and his or her family:

Philanthropy is always a part of us and it just needs to flower in time like this. I know some of us can do much more some a little less but we must try to help those who are less fortunate than us and who are suffering because of this pandemic in financial terms.

3. Learn One New Skill :

There is something out there that you must want to do but never could. In this spare time you can do that if you really try, it could be anything like cooking, painting, marketing, coding, website designing, etc.

4. Listen to Music :

Nothing like music can lift the soul, the more you listen to music the more you energize, the more your mind tends to rest, so listen to lots of music and make your own jukebox.

5. Watch Old Sports :

I know that sounds something odd but there are no new sports live on tv, so how about turning the clock back, rewind the Sachin’s first double century, Dhoni’s world cup final innings and many more such moments that raise our soul.

6. Read, Read & Read  :

We don’t read enough when we are rushing from one place to another so read about coronavirus, read about climate change, read about all the challenges that face the world and you can read about lifestyle, touches of humor, novels so just read lots of books that you always wanted to do.

7. Play Board Games with family or friends :

You know we just love to play those games like ludo, carom, antakshri and some others, these games are somehow lost by the time but this is the time to rewind the ideas of the board games.

8. Fitness :

Nothing like keeping the body fit raises the soul again. Do yoga, pranayama, exercise to make yourself fit.

9. Enjoy the Simple Pleasures of Life :

Now, what are the simple pleasures means really: it could be watching birds outside your home, playing with your pets, watching your old photos albums, or having your favorites dish, anything that gives you the pleasure.

10. Silent Prayer :

I know this is some different but really we need this, As before going to bed a nice silent prayer for the well-being of society and then sleep well because there is nothing like a good sleep that gives you a bright and cherish in the morning.

At last I want to add that “Enjoy the social curfew, you won’t get the opportunity again to rest the body and tired soul again”  

Thank you for reading, if you think you can suggest more things to do during a lockdown you can comment here.

For getting more information about Coronavirus symptoms & precaution visit here. and to get an update with stats visit :


4 thoughts on “Covid-19: 10 things to do under Coronavirus lockdown

  1. This is very nice blog Abhishek, and very informative too.
    Actually I want to discuss with you something. do you agree that this lockdown will also help us to improve our air polution index also?

    because I was thinking that our humanity needs some time break from industrial evolution from long time.

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